About us

Pooya Tejarat Kariz company based on experience of four decades of activity in the field of providing services to manufacturing, chemical and construction industries, with a focus on modern technologies, and by drawing a creative way and cooperating with strong international partners to serve its customers, has always been the first choice among suppliers and services. This company has always tried to provide the best quality and most suitable goods to present in Iranian market.

Our vision is to be a pioneer in the Middle East region and to use our valuable experiences to strengthen our brand. We are confident that our business partners trust our brand.


Providing the best solution according to the needs of customers: Our mission is to solve the problems of buyers and meet their needs using our knowledge and experience.

Supplying creative products with the latest technologies: Nowadays, being creative is not easy or cheap. Kariz’s mission is to draw a creative path and use the latest technologies to serve its customers. We must be creative in our collection; Because it is with creativity that we can survive and continue to live.

Providing reliable, high-quality services at a reasonable price: Kariz’s key mission is to focus on quality and price as the basic tools of its service delivery. Our opinion is to provide the highest quality products at an acceptable price for buyers

Business transparency with business partners: Our mission requires transparency of our activities not only with our buyers but also with our sellers and business partners. Kariz believes that the only successful model in business is the win-win model, which is possible with clear strategy, methods and documentation.

Adding technical knowledge and expanding the market by communicating with business partners: Based on the principles of our mission, we seek to expand our market and improve the technical knowledge of the group by communicating with first-class business partners. We strongly believe that we cannot succeed alone. Today, being together is the key factor for success in business

Expanding our services in the Middle East market: We offer our services (advisory and technical) to the markets before the sale and we do our best to provide our services to the customers in the first priority, before the sale.

Customer network

Kariz is proud that with more than four decades of experience and presence in the market, it has been able to establish a strong, continuous relationship based on mutual trust with its network of customers and representatives. Customers are our assets and we respect their expectations and establish and maintain our relationships with buyers based on their long-term satisfaction. With more than 500 active customers, 50 main representatives and dozens of business partners across the country, Kariz is a well-known and reliable name in industry, production and construction.

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