INTEX Tape Adhesive


INTEX wide crystal glue is a type of adhesive tape that is covered with sensitive adhesives. These adhesives are produced in different sizes and dimensions that have different uses. One of the main uses of this glue is for packing cartons. One of the most important features of this glue is its high adhesive strength, which you will learn more about later. Wide tapes are tapes that are wrapped around a roll, which are known by the names of wide tapes, cardboard tapes, tape tapes. There are different types of wide crystal adhesives, and they are one of the most important tools for stationery. The structural form of these adhesives is such that a layer of adhesive material is placed on strips of paper, plastic, foil, metal or fabric and covers these strips.

Types of wide glue:

  • Crystal adhesives
  • Transparent wide glue
  • Wide double-sided adhesives
  • Wide glass tape
  • Paper tape
  • Adhesive tapes of offices and writing and…
چسب نواری کریستال INTEX

Features of INTEX:

Adhesive tapes are a combination of two layers, and these two layers form the main characteristics of a wide adhesive. These two layers are placed on top of each other according to their use. Wide glue is useful when the sticky layer is sticky enough and sticks well to the underlying layer. The top layer must be strong enough to withstand possible blows to the glue. If the wide glue has these characteristics, it is an ideal glue. One of the main features of INTEX wide crystal glue is that, in addition to durability, it has high resistance to stretching, which causes it to tear later than other glues.

How to use INTEX wide crystal glue:

These adhesives stick to the desired place with a little pressure on them and do not need heat.These types of adhesives have many uses, especially for packing furniture, which is produced in different types and sizes.