SEVEN Acrylic Siliconized Mastic

Product Description:

It is an acrylic sealant that is reinforced with a silicone emulsion structure and provides limited displacement up to 15%. Acrylic Seven is water-based and non-toxic, and has a very low content of volatile chemical compounds. This product is odorless, colorable and has a very high trimming ability.


  • Sealing of building materials with little movement such as concrete, wood, brick, etc.
  • Sealing the joints of windows, walls and doors

Important points in the implementation:

  • Connections must be clean and free of dust, grease and rust.
  • No primer is needed for non-porous surfaces.
  • To apply on concrete, stone, cement and plaster, an astra can be applied before applying.
  • Immediately after application, smooth the sealant with a wet tool.
  • Keep the joint dry for at least two hours.
  • You can even remove the dried sealant mechanically if needed.
درزگیر ماستیک آکرلیک SEVEN


  • 24 cartridges per carton with gross weight of 440 grams