P.T.K Poly Urethane Adhesive Autoglass

Product Description:

It is a one-component polyurethane sealant (cured at room temperature) with high peeling strength, good elasticity, resistant to vibration and extreme temperatures. This sealant is colorable and easy to use.



  • Car window sealing
  • Car windshield sealing and repairs
  • Sealing and sealing glass and windows with structural dimensions

Important points in the implementation:

  • Clean and dry the connection surfaces from foreign materials and contaminants such as oil dust, grease, frost, water, soil.
  • Cut the nozzle of the cartridge (the end of the product) with the right angle and size, then place it in the desired gun and apply it with balanced pressure (50 MPa).
چسب پلی اورتان P.T.K


  • 24 cartridges per carton with a gross weight of 280 ml
  • 20 pieces per carton with a net weight of 600 ml