K.A.C PVC-U Adhesive

Product Description:

K.A.C PVC glue is produced according to Iran’s national standard No. 1174. This product with advanced infrastructure creates an efficient and integral connection in high pressure PVC pipes and fittings.


  • Construction and water supply purposes
  • Filling pores in plastic pipes
  • Repair of broken plastic pipes
  • Plastic pipes and fittings, sewage and polyethylene
  • Flooring installation

Important points in the implementation:

  • Be sure to stir and let the work surface dry completely before use.
  • The joints should be cut correctly and accurately and rotated after application.
  • Postpone the application in hot hours of the day to cool hours and do not use in temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius.
چسب پی وی سی K.A.C


  • 36 glue tubes per carton with Gross Weight of 100 ml
  • 24 glue cans per carton with Gross Weight 275 ml