Kariz Ribbed Injection Machine

Product Description:

The silicone injection device is a device to facilitate the implementation of sealing operations with silicone sealants that are supplied in cartridge packages. These guns can be used to inject all kinds of silicones.


Easy injection of all kinds of adhesives and sealants with different concentrations

Important points in the implementation:

  • Clean and dry the desired area.
  • Place the silicone cartridge in the silicone injection device and make sure it is firmly in place.
  • Using a sharp tool like a knife, cut the nozzle head to a small size. If your operation is not injection into the groove, you can cut a larger section of the nozzle.
  • Place the silicone injection device (gun) at the right angle and insert the nozzle head into the slot to inject into the groove if possible.
  • After injection, slowly move the nozzle away from its place so as not to cause dirt around the injection site.
دستگاه تزریق سیلیکون دنده ای - KARIZ GUN


  • 25 pieces per carton – in three grades gear, industrial and sausage grades – black and aluminum colors